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Works great

Works great. Inexpensive for an indoor tanning product, truly a bronzer. No orange tones

non greasy but its an accelerator - not a tanner

I can see how this product can be confused for a self tanner or gradual tanner but its more of an accelerator to use in the sun or along side sunbeds.the cream itself has a nice tint that does give a very subtle glow appearance but i think this is more of a guide than to actually add any colour to your skin.It spreads well and doesn't leave your skin feeling to greasy or oily but it does leave a residue that you can feel on your skin - more like a heavy moisturiser.I cant say I've noticed a difference in tanning colour but this may be due to the actual lack of sunshine as i don't use tanning beds.I haven't noticed a difference in my hair growth being thinner or softer but it has calmed down a lot of shaving irritation and itchy regrowth. Again i cant say I've noticed a vast difference in any chance in cellulite.The smell is really pleasant, slightly coconutty and reminds me of holidays!Would personally be a little bit pricy for me but i have heard of this brand a lot more for tanning salons.

Lisa Bullis
Great product

Loved it, didn’t streak or make me look orange

Rebecca Golder
nice even tan

This gave me a very even tan. I noticed within a few hours my skin changing colour, and by morning and a shower later i had the perfect tan. No streaks or lines. I looked fabulous

Smells lovely

Love it

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