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Crystal in NC
Looks natural and easy to apply

I like that the color isn't super orange. It looks like a real tan. It doesn't small bad. It stays on for a few days (3-4) even after regular showers. I will buy again.

Judyta Uruska
super kosmetyk

bez smug, szybki i długotrwały efekt! 5/5

Love it…. No streaks, nice tint

This got me 3 shades darker. It applied on the skin smoothly without any streak marks. It smells nice. Sort of a coconut scent to it.I now live in MO and it seems like spring is fighting to kick winter out the way. Which means, it’s still randomly cold right now and I haven’t been able to catch some sun. I’ve definitely lightened up this past winter and miss my tan. This has gotten me just a few shades closer. I got a little bit more to go and I’ll be back to my natural color.

it indeed did not steak and is lightweight

This product is applied as a foam and absorbed and dried fairly fast. I applied it to both skin that had some color and that was snow white, i preferred what it enhanced on slightly colored skin. At first it looks kind of muddy, but did transition to a natural slight coloring. On slightly tanned skin it evened and enhance the overall color with no streaking. On white skin it gave a slight shading, but at least were I used it i found it highlighted my pores. smells like cotton candy, where i'd prefer coconut ;) a little goes a long way, so the price seems reasonable.

Kimberly Trujillo
Helped w winter whiteness

This is definitely more on the natural side and I would agree is buildable. I love that I can apply at night and wake up with a golden color, not orange or grey looking and I sometimes don’t even rinse off. I like the “runny mouse” as I find one pump can do each arm and two pumps for each leg. Also doesn’t stain my sheets or clothing

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